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so [Nov 8th @ 11pm ]
[ mood | crappy ]

my birthday is sunday.

and i have the bird flu, or it feels like it anyway.

and i never use this. and i have a paid account.


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so i bought a paid account a while ago [Oct 22nd @ 1am ]
and then a couple months later stopped using this altogehter.

go to myspace kids. lj=lame

oh noooooo [Sep 2nd @ 3pm ]
[ mood | cranky ]

school starts tuesday. ugh.

my scheduale is FUCKED. i have classes from 8am to 10am on most days. then i dont have any classes until 2pm. and they go all the way till 5. ridiculous if im trying to get a job. so im going to try to change them so i have all morning classes. well see how that goes down.

past couple weeks have been party party party. i hate seeing my friends move away though.

and i hate crappy nail polish. wtf.

but the highlight of my week has to be being designated driver for carl and chris.

police take noticeCollapse )

some more pictures for fun and comments.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
peta hates me

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
kittens are getting HUGE

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i miss this boy

so yeah. if your moving, forget about it and come back. im going to be getting awfully lonely.

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yeah, its been a while [Aug 18th @ 12am ]
[ mood | anxious ]

so shoot me?

my poor fluffy dog peanut got sprayed by a skunk tonight. i feel so bad for her, poor baby. not as bad as it could have been though, i think it barely got her. but the whole house still smells.

today i went sailing with my dad on his new sailboat with carl. sitting down now, everything is still rocking and moving. (i hope thats from sailing earlier)

been keeping busy. kittens are my babies, especially princess. she seems to have had a growth stunt though, pumpkins getting huge and shes staying the same.

had several good job interviews. one to work in a warehouse, being a picker/puller. 11.47 an hour, full time, mandatory overtime if needed, 2pm to 10:30 pm monday through friday., full beneifts, and they will pay my tuition, or part of it anyway. i get a raise every 3 months, by like a buck or so, and i get to wear pretty much whatever i want. paid vacation. all the percs. theres more too, but im moving on to the next job.

second job id be an assistant recruiter. all girls, id have to dress up every day. 12 bucks an hour, 8am to 5pm monday through friday. full benifits, no tuition reimbursment. id sit at a computer all day and chat with the gals. i get some commision.

im good with either one, but i would prefer the first. (except the hours suck) and id have to do school part time, but im fine with that.

oh, but GREAT FUCKING TIMES on my way to the interview for the second job, someone stopped thier car in the middle of a road/parking lot, and packed into me, despite me being in perfect view, and honking my horn. i got out, and only saw a black scuff, so i said whatever and didnt get the old hags information. go home to find out its probably a grand worth of damage. everything is dented, that "scuff" is really dug into my bumber, and the headlight is broken. yeah, and i have no idea who the lady is. :-) and for once, it wasnt my fault. fuck.

so tomorrow i go on my long weekend camping trip with carl. greenfield state park. miss me, okay? <3


SO LATELY [Jul 31st @ 12am ]
[ mood | loved ]

life has rocked. my kittens rule, and my friends rule even more.i love actually getting out and doing stuff in the summer than sitting around the house sleeping all day. (dont worry, i do that too, just not as much as i did last summer.)

the only sucky things i can think of are-
-not having a job
-dre, steve, and dan moving to new york
-carl breaking dans nose today =[

though i have to say, that last thing was kind of funny.

ans speaking of carl, [TODAY] is our one year six month aniversary. can i get a woot woot?

"woot woot"


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amazing past few days [Jul 28th @ 1am ]

Find your Celestial Choir

water country
brand new concert
tons of burnout 3
hide and go seek

i love summer 2006
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so i have delayed long enough. time for an update. [Jul 22nd @ 1am ]
[ mood | depressed ]

and as always, pictures inserted for your viewing pleasure, along with my hopes that i might actually get comments. (im working on making them smaller, but photobucket = gay)

first off, kittens.
are cute, and troublesome. i thought it would be cool to teach them to sit on my shoulder. then they decided to get up there without my help. and do it all the time. i have scratches everywhere, because they dont understand that claws hurt i think. and by everywhere, they think my ears and fingers are chew toys, and somehow their claws go through the sheet, and they think my toes are playthings. oh yeah, and my room is pretty much destroyed.
some better pictures than what i had before.Collapse )

oh yeah, and i go to the beach a god damn lot.Collapse )

and then i finally got registered at the tech. cool.

so what more is there to life?

theres having a job... scratch that.
sleeping... scratch that too.
being awake... almost never. sober too.

but there is definetly a lot of screwing up. hurting the people you love, and missing the things that are not around anymore. that have changed. that have moved on, grown up.
damn it why are these things so hard.> <a href=Collapse )

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an update is needed [Jul 11th @ 11pm ]
[ mood | crappy ]

since i havent done it in a while.

fourth of july was an amazing good time. i just wish my baby was there with me but he was working :-( went to my friend chris's. mad party. crazy party. fun party. if you know me, you know the details. im not posting them on here. except... denny's waiters make me want to puke.
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saturday i convinced my mom to get two kittens. Pumpkin and Princess. Punky and Prissy for short. we get to take them home on thursday, because Princess still needs to gain weight for the shot she needs to be able to go home. so i go and visit them 2-3 times a day. Princess has white eyeliner, and Pumpkin is a cuddle muffin.
crappy pictures because kittens dont like to sit still for the cameraCollapse )

yesterday i went to the beach with carl, dre, and steve. andddd i forgot sunscreen. whats that mean? sun poisoning. yeah, it fucking sucks. achy, tired, and puking. but i had a good time, and i should get a nice tan. but im burn on 90 percent of my body. everywhere that you can think of not covered by my bikini. front of the neck, tops of my hands and feet, behind my knees. and on top of that, i have horse fly bites all over the sunburn because i fell asleep on the beach while the boys were hunting for crabs. (they got a bucket full btw, including a huge boss crab called the commander.) so imagine a dark red/purple burn with huge itchy bug bites all over it. then imagine puking after each meal and having it come out of your tender, sun burnt nostrils. gah.

but that night me, carl, mikey, nina and mol mol all went to mac 2's to see my baby leanne strip for her birthday!!! and then of course, molly and i fell in love with strip clubs. seriously. a black lady put her boobies in my face and it smelt so good, even though they were fake. it was a good time, and i suggest everyone go.

and i still miss her.
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who remembers this? [Jul 2nd @ 1pm ]
[ mood | need to shower ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

two and a half years ago i was 16, and really messed up. two weeks after this picture was taken i ran away from home, and thats the pic given to the cops.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

if you cant recognize them, thats (from the left) dunpphy, duquette, erik, and moi.
fuckheads huh?

go back even EARLIER
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yeah, i was skinny once

and remember when my dogs looked like this?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

anyway, life moves on i guess. so much is changing now. putting down missy was one of the hardest htings i've ever done. and now i cant sleep at night because she isnt there, and i have nothing to do during the day because taking care of her is all ive been doing since june 16.

i saw superman last night. im not a fan of superman in the first place, but i guess it was alright. after on my way home i got a call from gayjohn and met him, his boyfriend, erik, and meg at dennys and stayed there till 1:20 and on the way out i ran into bre and leanne. i heart dennys basically.

and my birds hate me because i cut their wings. poor yummy and tasty.

and i was wondering, who is going to the nashua tech in the fall?

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i need something to keep me occupied tonight [Jun 29th @ 11pm ]
[ mood | numb ]


1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you ABSOLUTELY MUST post this on yours.

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[Jun 27th @ 11pm ]
has a brain tumor. shes getting put down on friday.

yeah, im a wreck.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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edit [Jun 27th @ 12am ]
forgot to talk about the amazing concert saturday night.

----head automatica did not play
++++angels and airwaves
++++tom delonge came out into the stands, within arm distance of me, and sang the box car racer song "there is"
++++tom told dirty jokes and said "what, did you think i grew up?"
---- dumb kids
---- people paying 70 bucks to make out in the stands
++++ taking back sunday
++++ tbs singing extra songs
++++ taco bell

i really like the tweeter center
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too much excitement [Jun 26th @ 11pm ]
[ mood | apathetic ]

makes a need for a livejournal post.

first off, i am not going to get a new job yet. because of missy. pretty much every waking (and sleeping) moment caring for her, i do not have time for a new job. i will plan on getting a job when missy passes, or when she is better, but most likely it will be the former. her vet appointment it tomorrow. unless they can make her walk again (she cant anymore) im guessing its the end.

today is kevin sehers 20 birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!!

my brother got into a car accident today. pulling out of the driveway during rush hour. he was making a left, person in the right hand lane waved him on, but there was someone traveling in the left hand turn lane. no one was hurt, the truck has a dent and the tire popped. probably a lot of damage where we cant see. the other car had some front end damage, didnt look to to bad. no one was cited when the cops came. personally, i think the other lady was at fault because she was traveling in a turn lane, no signal, speeding. sure, james could have avoided it, but she was breaking a law. oh well.

ps-refrain form punching my nipples.
pps- DO prank me. its my new favortie pastime, accepting prank calls. all i ask, is make it original.

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i almost died [Jun 23rd @ 4pm ]
[ mood | depressed ]

hydroplaning on rt 3 today. almost killed forbes too. thats when i decided that there is a divine connection, because two people cannot get fired, then show up to get their paychecks, and then almost die at the same time. i'm teling you, he likes cats too. he has too.

speaking of cats, next check on the list. missys back leg is giving out, and she is limping. the vet isnt sure why yet. worst case scenario, missy has cancer that is sending off blood clots, one going to her brain to make her blind, the other blocking the circulation in her leg.

i dont know how much longer we have left. but today she slept on my face, and i tried not to cry.

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so i just got fired [Jun 22nd @ 3pm ]
find me a new job. 8 bucks or higher for pay. no clothes, no food. okay, GO!
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i eat babies [Jun 20th @ 9pm ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so after several trips to the vet, and blood results, missy has early signs of kidney disease. we are not sure what made her go blind, but the doctors think she may have had a stroke. today i had to learn how to give her an IV. not cool. shes my baby. but hopefully with special diets and the IV's she gets every other day, she'll get better. i need my baby.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

went to the beach yesterday. i needed to relax. got very very lost on the way there because mapquest sucks and toll ladies suck with directions. but once we got there and i calmed down, it was great! we even saw a baby seal!
hampton beachCollapse )

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quickie [Jun 18th @ 1am ]
my cat is really sick

all of a sudden shes blind

waiting for test results back

she's lost a pound in two months when shes already underweight

i'm scared guys =[
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NHN Senior Week 2006 [Jun 12th @ 12am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

there is waayyyyy too much to say about this past week. its beyond imaginal, and definetly unforgettable. i cant believe its over. one day i was in class, doing my thing, and the next, graduating. i dont know how i did it, and i cant believe, but i'm going to miss it.

thanks for all the great times guys. stay in touch.

picnicCollapse )
promCollapse )
graduationCollapse )
cruiseCollapse )
but pictures cant describe the fun, the drama, the memories. and i've spent enough time on this post. fuck photobucket guys.

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bleh [Jun 6th @ 11pm ]
[ mood | distressed ]

so, whats happening?

sam is leaving today. i cant describe how sad i am. its worse then friends going off to college. i wish people wouldnt move, wouldnt get married, wouldnt go off to college. just stay here, stay now. nothing needs to change.

got my prom dress back today. i look like an hourglass. i guess thats a good thing. i think i look funny. STILL NEED PEOPLE TO MAKE PLANS FOR AFTER PROM. something more than just denny's. and i am NOT going camping, because its going to be raining. beach is probably out too. sooo.... you know what to do.

and no one skip senior picinic tomorrow.

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i give up on remembering how to spell boycott. subject titles back in session. [Jun 4th @ 8pm ]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this is what i had to deal with friday night/saturday morning. someone thought it would be cool to break the window at cumby's a half an hour before close. can you say 16 hour shift? because i can. after the cops, i was stuck there until 2am when some fat creepy guy came to patch up the window. then i did some major cleaning, got cuts on my hands and arms from the broken glass. at 3 i decided i needed a break, so i got carl and we went to dennys for breakfast, then back to work. i was there until 8am, when i finally got to come home and crash.

the only thing i can be happy about is that i wasnt behind the counter, or i probably would have gotten more than a couple scratches. but at least i got a nice livejournal post, right?

so finals are almost over. i just have to present my military history final tomorrow and then i am DONE!had my psych and geometry final on friday. psych went well, i probably got a 110% on it. geometry... we wont talk about that.

all this week i've been swimming. and i love it. i love wearing a bikini. i love it when my freckles come out.

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i just got tickets to see taking back sunday, angels and airwaves, and head automatica on june 24. cant wait. then brand new a month after that... this summer will be good.

and this boy...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

is sending me these pictures...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and frankly, i'm aroused.

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